Why NOT to stay positive or why is it so dangerous to be positive?

...Now you get confused, a?

Sometimes we even do not realize what really happens if we stay positive....

- You will get the job you want- if you are in a competition with the same educated or experienced people, but complaining or not that positive as you are, they will definitely chose you. No one wants grumbling people around from the morning.

- You will get the guy you want- he will sooner or later appreciate the diamond you are. And if not he, someone else who really deserves you will discover what a treasure you really are!

- "What you give is what you get"- have you heard about this law, or how actually the Universe works?

- You will attract only people with the same vibes as yours- filled with love, enthusiasm, energy, good, helpful and positive.

-You will achieve most of your goals. Even if something fails, another much better thing will come into you life.

- You will be filled with so much energy, that nothing will be too difficult for you. Even if something seems to be impossible, the Universe will send you the right person to come and help you. Exactly when it is needed!

- It will be curious to you how and why somehow the world will start to help you- you will be there where something will happen, someone will tell you something to think about, you will get to know someone who will give you the best solution for your problem, money and resources will come up to you when you really need them the most...


So, are you ready for all that? Can you deal with so much good of everything? Can you even imagine it?

Remember: The greatest success was once someones dream!

Do not fear to dream! 

... And the last, but of major importance: surround yourself with people like who you want to be!... Every person around you is your teacher.  Select the best emotions, the best energy, the best vibes, the best motivation, the most active ones for you!

Let your life takes in the right direction. Good vibes only. But only if you could deal with so much positive things!





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