What happens to your body if you wear gemstones?

The future development of medicine lies in treatments based on light and color- Dr. Stephen Hawking- A Brief History of time.

This is exactly what gemstones do.
"Gemstones" are not pure stones.

Their mystique and healing power are known since centuries. Ancient sculptures talk about gemstones. The traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) mentions everywhere about medical preparations and stuff using gemstones. Praval Pishti (made of Red Coral), Muktha Pishti (made of pearls) are just two examples of that.

Gemstones directly impact Chakras (the Energy Centers of the body).

Everything is energy. Everything.

Human beings are energy systems born into a karmic cycle. There are lessons to be learnt and past conditioning to be undone. Decisions and free will in context of that, we think we know, faces more difficulties. Challenges occur when there is an imbalance or deficit.

The energy residing in each gemstone emits a light/ color or particular wavelength and frequency, which helps in tuning the individual’s energy levels to optimal performance. Sometimes it is not just about giving a boost, rather about bringing down a specific energy component to the correct level in cases of hyperactivity.

Every specific color is the energy of a specific wavelength and frequency.
How colors actually work?

Gemstones with their dense crystal structure help to transmit and distribute to the body a concentrated dose of energy. Typically gemstones are worn as a bracelet, as a necklace or ring- these are exactly the places where joints and junctions ensure to have enough nerve fibers and lymphatic fluid to support the conductance of the specific entered energy. It is not a problem if gemstones are combined with silver or gold, since they both are pure electrolytes and enhance the transmission of the energy. 
Caution! It is extremely important to know or being advice which gemstone is for you, depending on your health or life situation. So read, ask, stay hungry!
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