What do you need to know about blue Agate?

Blue agate corresponds to CALMNESS. It is known as a talisman with very strong healing energies. It is believed that it releases the stress and pulls away the bad energy coming toward you. It is a grounding stone that harmonizes your energies.

Blue Agate facilitates relationships. The stone is famous since ancient times to smooth communication. It helps you detect the feeling of the others in their proper nuances, helping you to understand them better. It helps you build a deep trust and bond you with people. It is useful also to help you understand better yourself.  In periods when you want to understand what to do, this is really the best stone to wear!

Blue Agate helps you follow smoothly your fortune. It has been believed, that exactly blue Agate leads you to the right path. It helps you take the right decisions, standing on a crossroad. Just listen to your voice inside and trust it! 

Spiritually Blue Agate is very powerful. It can release your trauma in the past and give you energy to move on. The stone really helps you to recover from Lethargy and Apathy. It has so many positive Energy inside that it even makes you much more initiative than normally!

Blue Agate has also a focus on insight- wear it when you need to be more concentrated or when you study. It is believed it increases our intelligence and calms us down, helping us to work with a cool head. New job, periods when we need a lot energy, when we need protection, relationships, hard periods in life, studying for exams-  these are the main Aspects where Blue Agate will increase our potential and help us a lot!

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