The 23 privileges of being a woman :)

Some women wish they were men. They also behave like men... I cannot understand them....I often say to my friends, that I am extremely happy and feel myself really blessed to be a woman. I wish it the same, for the next life (if there is any) :)

A woman is for me not only to have a woman name and woman body. Some women are not real women.  To be a woman is really that feeling of happiness and satisfaction to be as you are. To feel yourself in the right body and to love it. To be able to show, intelligent of course, your emotions, without being considered as crazy :) It is fantastic to feel like a woman! Be a lady! Be feminine and make any man feel gorgeous walking beside you!

Bur recently I thought also about the many practical things, surrounding the happiness of being a woman but not a man. Enjoy them :) 

1. In extreme situations they first save us with the kids. FACT.

2. For us is extremely easy to blame our Days for our bad mood. Or the bad positions of the planets. FACT.

3. Wearing men clothes makes us still look beautiful. We are really sexy, for example wearing a men shirt....just the men shirt.... FACT.

4. We don't need to shave us every day :) Luckily :)  FACT.

5. When we ask a man for help, he would rather help us than leave us  like that (I talk about asking a real man) :) FACT

6. If we have too much pressure, we just need to have a hot bad with Foam.... Or a new pair of shoes :) And a glass of Baileys with a piece of cake- and life is fantastic again!!!  We don't need liters of Alcohol to kill the bad mood. And then to have two days hangover... FACT

7. Even if something is not allowed, man can always make an exception for us, if we ask intelligent and sweet enough :) Especially if you have dimples and a killer charming smile :)  (personal experience).

8. If working in a men environment, we are much more respected  and appreciated than men (absolutely personal experience, I am blessed with that!). (again personal experience)

9. We can always find a serious reason why we drive too fast or enter a closed road. Then the policeman even feels like he needs to help us and drive in front of us :) (personal experience).

10. We are not sweating like crazy even when it is too hot (my personal experience).

11. Since thousands of years we inspire men to do so many things for us. Also to write songs, poems and so on for us. And Jewels....  FACT.

12. When needed, no one expects from us that we wear heavy furniture or other heavy things. We can just keep the door opened :)  FACT.

13. We can cry anytime we feel like we want to do it. Even in front of a policeman who have just stopped us :) Without looking that crazy. Hey, we are just Women, and women have more emotions :) FACT

14. Some physical things just could not happen to us- like loosing our hair too early, being impotent or other such problems. FACT

15. We can cry watching a film, without looking that awkward. Our heart is just too big. There is enough place for much love, for pain, for everything. FACT.

16. It is for us not an obligation to compare us with the others..... We do not have anything "to measure"- cars, bank accounts, muscles, other things, :).... FACT.

17. We can easily and very casual talk about any HOT things..... without that is visible...... you know what I mean :) FACT

18. Not being able to understand some "simple" things like "how works the diesel car engine" makes us look sweet, not stupid :) FACT.

19. If something happens with the car on the road, we just need to put the triangle behind and stay near the car, looking at the engine... In 2 minutes we will already have 3 guys, who stopped to help us.  The same is when we need to change a tire.... FACT

20. We can stay to sleep by a friend of us, change clothes, to sleep even in the same bed, without someone things something dirty about us. FACT

21. We can hug everyone and everywhere, without someone things something bad for us. FACT

22. We need our beautiful smile to open each door :)

23. If we look good does not only depend on our clothes. It depends mostly on our confidence and our feeling about ourself. ENJOY the privilege of being a WOMAN!

....why exactly 23...? because it is my favorite number :) Because it is my birth date :)  Awkward, but I am a woman :) You do not need to understand me to love me :)

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Man, I feel like a woman :) .... there was such a song :)Remember ?


With Love, Ru
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