The happiness of giving

The most simple principle in the world is that "No energy is ever lost. It just transfers from one type to another". 

Exactly the same is with the giving: "The more you give, the more you receive from the world".

Being wealthy is a matter of feeling, of understanding that if you have something to give, you have more than you need . BUT it works ONLY, if you really give from your heart. With love. With no thinking, that you need to receive something back.  To give means, that you feel yourself RICH, that you already have something to give, just for the happiness to receive a smile. 

Start to train yourself in the art of giving! Try even to make special gifts, self made or handmade things, that are not that common, that not everyone wears, that are specially made for the person you give. Just seeing that special smile of someone, the surprise , the adorable feeling that he feels special in that moment ..... it is the most precious "thank you" for you. The most inspirational thing ever! 

The world is already too materialistic. If you ask some random people "What do you want to have?"...... just pay attention to the answers..... almost all of them will be about a house, a car, a watch, .....something materialistic...... unfortunately.... For me, the most precious things "to have" are health, the happiness to be surrounded by great friends, to have someone to surprise, to have someone to call in the morning just to say "Hi, how are you today? I am calling you just to hear your voice...", to be respected and loved from my friends and family, to have their attention, spend time together, have people to whom I can show my love..... And none of this comes from the store. None of these cost me money..... Some hours or a day with a precious for me person..... no money can buy this...

Passing by just to say Hi? Sending a present for a birthday? Buying a souvenir when you are on a holiday? Those small things that make the other person feel so special- it doesn't happen so often..... Because it is precious. It is not something cheap that money can buy.... the most priceless things are not expensive at all...!

Do not make just the others feel special! Make YOURSELF feel special as well! Pamper yourself with things that make you feel one of a kind! 

REMEMBER: Every coin has two sides: there is someone who gives, and someone who receives. Learn to be on both sides!  When someone makes something special for you- express your pure joy and show him how thankful you are! Hug him! Be yourself, be emotional! Motivate him to make it further so!  NEVER AND NEVER say "Thank you, but it was not necessary...." that kills his pure joy of the one who gives you........ 

REMEMBER: If someone is giving you something, whatever it is, that means, that you add some value to his life, that you mean something extraordinary for him, even, if you do not realize it.  You not only deserve a lot. You deserve the best!  And the others behave with you in the way you allow them or teach them to do.... Be good and caring to yourself. Then you receive the same from the others, too. 

Give from the heart! Give with love! Receive with thankfulness! Be blessed for what you are and for the gorgeous people around you! 

....and give to who deserves your love and attention. To the one who still take you for granted..... think about that....maybe it is time to stop giving.... If they have not seen what you do  for them, maybe they will see it when you stop doing it.... 


The only thing you should never stop is being yourself. Do  not pretend to be someone else. Do not pretend to like something you do not like. Do tot try to look always happy. Allow yourself to show your opinion. Allow yourself to be sad. To show your strengths and your weakness. To show your happiest and most emotional laugh. And your deepest sadness and coldest tears. Be emotional. Be pure you. 

For your best friends and people who love you, you are one of the greatest presents they have ever received. Make sure you surround yourself also with people, for who you can say the same!  

Be happy and believe. Believe in how blessed you are meant to be! 

Thank you, that there is YOU! 


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