Stones don't miss to wear in 2017th! Unleash the sleeping warrior within!

Unleash the sleeping warrior within- that small devil, that can transform anything into a miracle.  The "3C" Words working for you for the whole 2017th: CHARISMA, CHALLENGE, CONTROL. Learn how to use them! 

It was working thousands of years before, the ancient Greeks and Egyptian were famous with using the power of the gemstones.  


It is known that the vibrations of the stones can change our aura, can change our power of mind, can attract possibilities within our lives and can make us more focused on our dreamsEvery blockade that we had in a psychic direction, different fears and anything that blocked our luck can be simply and easily removed and kept away from us- exactly by wearing special gemstones. And all these, if we are in a contact with our gemstones. No matter if we take some time every day to meditate with a stone, or if we wear a bracelet. The result is the same- when we are constantly in a contact with our stone. we exchange our energies, we synchronize them and this way we communicate properly our wishes with the Universe. Then we don't need to wait that long to see the result. It simply comes. Either we find a solution of a long lasting problem or we attract love and attention from the world (or from a specific person we had in our mind) 


The power of gemstones is really colossal! Give yourself the chance to get to know it! But knowledge itself will not give you the power. Action is needed- Start to use it!  


And if someone gives you as a present a gemstone or a jewelry made of gemstones, it should be clear to you- this person will bring magic into your life! He is quite intuitive about what exactly do you need. He has really a lot miracles to bring into your life! Keep him around you, in a very special way! Such people are exactly as precious as the gemstone they have given to you!  


How to charge your stones? In a few days or a week (or when you don't feel their energy that strong any more)- wash them under a light-warm water. Then keep them in your arms for a few minutes, so that you re-connect with your Crystal. Wear it often and lay it under the sun or moon for a few hours, so that he keeps his power.  


The main colors of 2017th are green, dark ink blue and any other more or less earth colors. Avoid wearing red this year! Rubin is not a good deal for 2017.  

The gemstones, that will bring You love, prosperity and succes you can find by us: 

Peridot- it is known as the stone of happiness and prosperity. Its beautiful lime-green color  resonates with the increase frequency. So, no matter what you want to increase, you will have the luck to manifest your desired things. Increase the joy, love and confidence in your life. Let go of the past and welcome the forthcoming joy.  


Lapis Lazuli is the stone of the wisdom. It stimulates taking the right decisions, helps you see the facts in their best way. It activates the higher mind and intelligence, helps by learning and enhances your memory. It is also known as the “friendship and relationship  stone”, as it helps the deep communication and brings harmony in the relationship. In business environment Lapis Lazuli attracts promotion or a better recognition.  


Labradorite- he is the most powerful protector within the gemstones kingdom. He protects the aura from bad energies from outside and empowers the inside energies within. Wearing Labradorite brings you magical things. It enhances the intuition, telepathy and mind-reading. It energizes the imagination and brings you new ideas. He makes you see possibilities in things, people and situations that you haven't consider seriously till now.  Labradorite helps you live a better, stress-free life, calms you down and makes you feel good in your own skin.  


Dragon Achat is the stone of creativity. It enhances you your potential and creative eye. It lifts you up emotionally and helps you find Harmony within your soul.  


Agate protects yourself from the bad energy and unblocks your luck He is not only responsible to your physical energy and power feeling, but also for your psychic protection. Thousands of years ago, Agate was famous with activating the KUNDALINI life force, empowered by the lower chakras.  


Amethyst is one of the stones with the highest spiritual vibration. He is known as the “whole healer”. He is very effective in calming down, soothing and transforming any kind of  negative thoughts to motivated and positive ones. Amethyst is also the stone of St. Valentine, he worn a ring of Amethyst, engraved with the image of Cupid. It is referred to as the “stone of couples”. Physically, Amethyst helps the digestive tract, skin diseases, stomach and heart. He strengthens the immune system and reliefs the pain. Thousands of years ago, it was used by the ancient Egyptians as an elixir for people with Arthritis.  


Pearls and Sea Sediment- Pearls don't only look gorgeous! Their healing power is also famous. They are the “magical protector” that keeps the evil eye and any bad energy away from you. They protect you also from risky commercial transaction and give you extraordinary foresight. It is believed that pearls were the main ingredient of the “immortality elixir” in the ancient world. They will raise your sensuality and boost your sexual energy. They will connect you with the moon, especially if you are born under a moon sign.  


Allow yourself to try how powerful and joyful life can be!  Get the right direction for yourself!  Make the life-changing step of your life: decide to make the best version of yourself. Today! 

Because it is only up to you!  

Get Charisma. Give Charisma!  

Because all starts from the Harmony between You and the Universe!  


And we, from Charisma, are here to help you and guide you through your way. This is our mission and only inspiration! 

We are happy to help you in anything we could 

We are very thankful to you that you also help us go forward- by giving us your precious opinion and review our assortiment of art pieces, that we created for You, with our greatest love and passion!  
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Be gorgeous! Be blessed! We are proud of you and happy for you!  


Your Charisma team.  

05 Feb 2017 



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