No! Do not wear that heavy suitcase...!

No! Do not wear that heavy suitcase...!

                                                 ...or the story that will change your life forever. 


Have you ever felt  so strong, that nothing can stop you?  And have you ever felt so weak, that you wondered how you are going to walk further through life? 

The good side is, that you cannot see any miracle, if you haven’t been at the very bottom. So deep down, that you could not see the light upstairs. That you even did not believe, that the light still exists. 

One of the stories that made me the person I am now and that changed my life forever is the one, I am going to tell you now. 

I have really  told it only to a few people in my life. Only to those, who mean a lot to me, and who are that far emotionally, so they could really understand it.

The story is from  my grandfather, he told it to me, when I was about 12-13 years old. And as it is usual for people, born at the beginning of March, he was a great man! One of a kind! A man with a big heart! A man, who needed to be loved, but did not allow to many people to come closer to him. He had never told to anyone what made him happy. But he was grateful about every surprise you did for him! He appreciated the small things in life.... And at that time I had already knew that love is something you feel... with no logic or explanations.  Grandpa loved me so much…! So much....  He was the one, to whom I owe my big heart, my emotionality, my spiritual mindset, and the best memories from my childhood.  He meant a lot to me... He was the one who could explain you everything  about  live in 10 Minutes. And then you could not be the same any more. And you remembered every single word forever… 


once he asked me if I would stay with him at the village for the whole weekend. I was a bit angry about the question, because he knew, that I have a lot to study. And I answered him with a bit of frustration:
 -“Sorry, grant daddy, but I really cannot. I have to do so many things for the school”.
 And then he looked at me with his calm, warm and deep eyes, light up a cigarette, wait a bit, so that I had a bit of time to wander how he is going to react on that. Then, slowly talking,he asked me:
- “My small sunshine, do you make a difference, between NEED TO and WANT TO?”
I was wandering what is he asking me, is he provoking me, what does he expect from me to tell…. For a child that age (12-13YO) I was not that wise and intuitive to be able to understand his stories. What I thought at that moment is, that he is getting older, and goes to philosophy direction, and I sometimes cannot understand him.  Then I replied, so that he understand me this time.
- “I really cannot, I must do my things first, I do not have time to come for the whole weekend”.
……..then my breath stopped, when he went further with his story…
- “ My sunshine, life is like a suitcase. You only put things inside. And it is getting heavier and heavier. And you cannot wear it normally, because the holders are not so strong. Then you take the suitcase with your both hands, and you can hardly walk. It is so inconvenient and so heavy, that you cannot enjoy anything  on your way. And you just complain. Because you need to wear it… and it is damn heavy……  Now listen to me….! You need to learn to throw things away from your suitcase... Everything, that is with MUST TO- no matter if we talk about people, activities or things- throw it away and look further! Then you can wear your suitcase and enjoy every step you make. Only this way you will have time for everything you wish and love. Remember: put things in the bag, ONLY if you really love them, if they mean a lot to you, if they inspire you, if they make you stronger, if they make the best version of you.  

… Many years after that I still could not understand him totally. But I remember every word he said. And at the very moment, when I found myself, I realized, that he was so damn right about everything! 

The only thing that was not that easy was to motivate myself, alone, to have that strong mindset and belief that I could move mountains. And to believe that my heart knows the way. I just need to be strong and follow it, despite any surrounding noises and circumstances. 

The Universe then showed me the way how to control my emotions, how to manifest my dreams, how to live up the pain, how to attract miracles into my life.  The Universe introduced and proved to me the power of the healing stones. Now they are part of my every day life- and I am so grateful about the light, power and love they brought into my life! 

The key-point is really to be your greatest friend of yours! To realize, that the knowledge itself does not bring you anything, till you really start to practice it. To know that no one, except YOU, can do the job for you. YOU and only YOU are the person, who can start changing your own world. 

Go beyond your borders!  

You are unique! You are special as you are! Let yourself be YOU, exactly as you are!

Define what does your heart want! ....and make the first step towards it! 

Do something you have never done! 

Go out of your comfort zone! The life-changing thing do not happen there! 

...And if you have someone, to whom you can say “Thank you for existing! “ - you are rich!  ...Not a man with money, but rich! 

Do not expect that much from the people. Just love them as they are! 

Life is too short- today we are here, tomorrow- we never know. So BREAK THE RULES! is just a dance. Learn to dance! Dance it with passion! 

...go out of where you feel cold....Search a place to warm you up, with care and love!

...because one day, when the right time has come, someone or something will appear into your life, and then you will not be the same anymore! 

...because one day, when the right time has come, someone or something will appear into your life, and then all your principles and borders will not matter any more! 

...and this time, will be exactly the rigt time, when you have eyes to see the right part of life, to make the transformation within you! 

Be happy for being patient enough! Be grateful for having the chance to see the same world with new eyes and new vision ! 

YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!! And in order to get it, you need to believe it!  And then take actions towards it! 

Be thankful and invite the miracles into your life! 

The Universe knows the answers. Just keep quiet and listen to your heart!  ....Because in each war between the head and the heart, you know who is the winner...The heart! 

Give yourself the chance to try! 

Be love. Give Love! 

Be Passion. Give and do everything with Passion! 

Do not wish something before you get to know it!

Do not refuse something till you do not try it! 

...Life is a dance! Learn how to dance.....and dance it with passion! 

...and remember: no matter what you say or do now....everything waits for its time to come!

Be Charisma! Enjoy your happier life! 


Rumyana,, 2017th 

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