Benefits of wearing blue Sapphire and who should wear it

The mystical power of Sapphire

The legend of Sapphire: it says that the first person to wear Sapphire was Prometheus, the rival of Zeus. The ancient Persians believed that its reflection gave the sky its blue color.

For centuries sapphire has been seen as a symbol of the heavens, a guardian of innocence, faithfulness and truth, and promoter of good  and stable health. It is believed to bring gifts such as joy, fulfillment, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Some wore it to keep illnesses away or as protection while traveling. In the middle ages, people believed wearing a sapphire suppressed negative thoughts.

Benefits of wearing blue Sapphire:

  • provide advanced warning against hidden dangers.
  • extremely good for Aquarius and Capricorn people
  • A symbol of good luck. It helps you against evil spirits and bring piece in your home
  • As a tool for self improvement, sapphires are a wonderful way to keep your life in check. They are said to have a powerful and transformative gemstone energy that may work drastically and quickly.
  • You can benefit a lot if you are a surgeon, pilot, astrologist, doctor, teacher, in military, salesman
  • By wearing blue Sapphire the financial hurdles are magically removed out of its owners life.
  • They will help you connect to the universe by opening your internal and spiritual self to the powers of the universe.
  • Sapphire protects his wearer from evil energy and misfortune
  • They are also thought to increase communication with and connection to spirit guides or angels.
  • They activate and manifest one’s life purpose and help you focus on karmic soul growth.
  • Psychologically, the sapphire helps maintain inner peace and are good for one’s mental state. They calm nerves and promote mental clarity, helping with focus and concentration.
  • Working with sapphires helps you generally to promote positive attitude towards life. It empowers self motivation and helps you move forward towards a path of self-fulfillment. Physically, sapphires promotes general health.

Scientific and physical properties

The sapphire is a corundum, an aluminum oxide with a trigonal crystal structure, in the same family as the ruby. The only difference between a ruby and a sapphire is simply the color. A red corundum is a ruby. Other colored corundums are called sapphires, which come in many colors, the most well known being blue. Because sapphires are available in so many colors, they are the most important and versatile of all the gemstones. Rubies and sapphires are said to be prized just under the level of diamonds because of their hardness.

Colors and variations

Sapphire gets its name from the Latin word sapphirus, meaning blue, and is often referred to as the "gem of the heavens" or the "celestial gem," as its color mirrors the sky at different times of the day. The word sapphire without a prefix, implies blue only. If the color is red, it is a "ruby." Both ruby and sapphire are varieties of the mineral corundum.

The color of a sapphire is created by various amounts of iron and titanium in the stone, the combination of which produce varying colors. The most desirable color sapphire is blue, and the most desirable shade of blue is referred to as “cornflower blue.” It is neither light nor dark blue.

Cleaning and caring of your Sapphire treasures

Because of their hardness, Sapphires can be cleaned in almost any way. Warm, soapy water is best, though you might also try ultrasonic cleaners and steamers. As with most valuable stones, avoid doing heavy work or coming into contact with chemicals while wearing your stone, as they can damage your settings.


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01 Feb 2018

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Thank you for explaning safire. It is a very precous stone .
I will be proud to wear youre beautiful braclet ?
The energies are perfekt too
I am sure I will feel much better soon.

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