...At last: What women want? Only for smart guys!


Only for Men with good taste - or how to choose the amazing presents for her!

It is crystal clear that we, women, are not easy to be understood. It is even still not proven if it would be possible. But anyway- it is well appreciated if you try...! Anyway, hard does not mean impossible- right? How to be her hero? Here comes the major tip: Start with choosing the right presents for her!

The common thinking is that there are only two type of people - men and women. But they are more! Before the men are coming the Gentlemen. And before women are coming the Ladies.

Just by reading this article, you prove, that you are already from those rare type of men, that have almost disappeared - you must be a Gentleman! So, in that case, it is important to you that you make the Lady you have chosen feel special.

We believe, that we don’t know everything, but anyway quite enough about women. And we also believe, that a good advice is precious, when it comes in the right time. In case you still need some idea, inspiration, muse or just an advice about how to impress your girl, we are here for you. It is quite a simple, but from other side quite a difficult task. 

We, women, appreciate it much if you think of us as of a precious stone, if you surprise us with small things. And most of all, we appreciate it when you make us feel like real women - appreciated and loved. It is true that you can show us your love in a thousand different ways. But the good taste for presents will never be old-fashioned. By choosing your woman, you have already proven your good taste. Now, it is time to keep your fantastic reputation by choosing her the right presents.  

- “Dear men, please, choose for us meaningful, beautiful, but anyway practical things (apart from a pan, vacuum cleaner, mixer, winter tires for the family car or iron)”.

There are many things, with which you cannot make a mistake. Flowers come always first to your mind. It is never wrong when you bring us flowers! But as they last only a few days, soon the remarkable memory of your surprise will fade away.  Here comes the better idea: Why not to put something memorable inside the bunch of flowers? See, you can now exceed the expectations of any woman! This way you will not be only the romantic, who brings her flowers. Into her eyes, you will be turning to the Gentleman with the great taste, who knows exactly what she wants and who gets it for her! Intentions don’t count! Action is important!  Do you already see yourself in the “her Hero” role?

So, you have already been to step two: flowers, with something small and precious. And with “precious” we don’t mean it expensive. Not at all! Precious means special, because you have spent some time and effort to choose something for her! And you have done it with the idea to make her smile, to make her feel special. Precious is to know what she wants to achieve. And then help her achieve it!

So, direct to our great suggestions and ideas. If she needs pink glasses, please, do not make her angry by bringing her pink glasses. Choose for her a bracelet with Amethyst, that will attract to her a lot of positive energy! She will start to trust her intuition, she will feel the protection of the stone and feel her inner strength.  We suggest:

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For living the best part of live, for seeing the essence of life, feeling joyful,  for believing in her potential - choose for her a bracelet with Howlite, Onyx or Agate.

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If she still wonders which way to choose, which decision to take and which direction in life to go - then Pearls, Sonnenstein or Rodonite are the right for her.

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Help your lady to fly! And then fly with her!

Have you heard of the 1:10 rule? Whatever you invest into your woman - no matter if it is time, efforts or money: It will come back to you as a tornado! So, men, take care of your women and do not think that much if you need to do something for them or not. With a real Lady beside you it is always worth!

Do not be from the people, who have a problem for every solution. Be the opposite - be the extraordinary one, who has a solution for every problem!

Enjoy your life, enjoy the happiness of having a woman beside you, who is there for you! And be happy, that we are here to help you in your journey to her heart! You can always ask us for help, advice or just an idea. If you have some other idea for a special Bracelet or other jewelry piece, that we can make for you, just let us know!

Now we stop with the words, we have said enough. Now you have an important job to do - go to our web-page and choose her something. And as a man, you need to be smart enough! Use the moment now, as we have -40%OFF! The offer is limited in time, only till February 10th 2017!  Please, don’t save the money from the discount! Instead, buy her two presents!  But let us tell you a secret: keep the second one for another time, to surprise her just like that- without a special occasion. Or when she is angry with you...? Come on, we know, that there are such moments- and you can face them gorgeously and well prepared!  Then, believe us, you will be the winner!

Good luck, dear men! We are proud of you! Stay caring, and do not allow the Gentlemen to die! We, the real Ladies need you in our lives!

With all our Respect: Charisma

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